Tuesday, April 12, 2011

such a bad poster

every once in a while i come on and apologize for being a bad blogger.

when will i realize, this is just me. i'm a bad blogger. there. it is out there. the whole world knows it. or maybe, just those of you that read my blog. the rest of the world is still clueless about my blogging.

those who are gracious enough to humor me by checking and in reading...well, i have an update! it was about time. it really was. again, i'm putting myself in a corner as soon as i finish here. i promise.

i've dyed yarn. they are both stocking at Knit Night on Thursday.

Side Note :Some of the artisans are auctioning some lovelies for Japan relief through the Red Cross. CHECK IT OUT.

I haven't been lucky enough to have extra dyeing time. I've been busy. The school year is drawing to an end. (Thank goodnes. I'm exhausted.)

This week I offer to you...Run Fox Run. A fan favorite.


And my springtime ritual...Dogwood.

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