Saturday, March 12, 2011

great news! and newborn love. not related.

I can't believe i never posted this here! This has been an exciting journey to make this congo a reality! And I'm lucky to be part of the MOST amazing congo to ever exist. (okay, okay, i'm biased. can you blame me?)

Have you seen Knit Night yet?

Like really? These are all my besties and then some. Amazeballs (word courtesy of Kate Bentley.) Well, we have had two stockings thus far and many more to come. Check us out.

This is a preview of one of the things I will be stocking on March 24th.

♥ newborn love ♥

these are my own Jungle Gym overalls pattern. They are knit with Mosaic Moon single ply merino in the ever popular and gender neutral "winter pear" colorway. they are half linen ridge throughout.

I will be offering custom cuffs if you want to girly them up. I also have enough yarn to possibly make a small sweater/shrug or booties and a hat.


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Meg said...

LOVE Knit Night! Excellent job!