Tuesday, April 12, 2011

oh..there is more.

and any of you that follow me know, when i finally do get around to posting. i can't just post once. i end up being so far behind, that i have like twelve updates and one post is simply to overwhelming.

here is part two.

i've been busy knitting. this, is not a surprise. i might just die if i didn't knit. (not really...knock on wood.) but i would feel oddly...odd. (despite being an english teacher, i often lack for words.)

but i'm off topic again.

so, here are some of my knitting creations.

a wonderful skirted overall for a dear customer. she is just the bee's knees. Custom Comfort Wool colorway.

this was semi-custom knit with Dashing Dachs Granny Smith.

more on this hat coming in part three. (stop complaining. i told you i go hard when i finally post. this means, i post three times now and then not again for a very long time.)

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