Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i'm on a craft spree (call the police!)

I saw this wall on pinterest....

and as much art as my kids bring home and do at home, and the children's museum, i thought this would be PERFECT for them.

So I did it today. The paint was $15 (didn't even use half a can...), the molding was $5, the caulk adhesive was $4.A total of $25!!!!

I already had the shelves (these will be for their 3-D art).

I made two mistakes. The lettering is on a small slant. You can't tell looking dead on and standing but it is so obvious from this angle. Also, I measured the wall at the base board to make sure I was straight. The problem with this was that the place I was actually placing the molding ended up being 5/8" bigger. So, two mistakes, but made with love.

can you believe I don't have a single wall in the kids space that doesn't have an outlet?? Tomorrow I am going to buy a black outlet cover and the part that you actually plus in (whatever that is called) so it blends in.

the quote is picasso...



Then using the same block art from the kitchen, i made these. the middle is paint chip art. i hole punched all those holes and hand glued them individually then did a sealer coat with Modge Podge. The middle background is actually brown, but was hard to capture because the light was coming in the window


before i sealed it.


Andrea said...

Awesome and inspiring!

Tessa Ann* said...

LOVE all of your craftyness!
You are inspiring me to try some fun things around my house :)