Saturday, July 30, 2011

summer is about half done for me

In summer, the song sings itself.  ~William Carlos Williams

Williams is by far, one of my favorite modernist poets. And so often, he has just the right words, for just the right moment. It is no surprise that he can then sum up this season for me.

The air is warm, clothes are few, feet are bare. We spend endless hours outside, inhaling it all, and you need not force the beauty of the day. It Yet, it has been a loooooooong  time since I was a child, and this song of summer seems a song of youth. During the endless hot days of adulthood summers, one finds ways to both entertain the children and entertain oneself. While they are engrossed in the beauty and heat of it all, I sit sweating with a bottle of water and some knitting (probably why I'm sweating....). Yet, I do love it. And kind of hate, but try to remember why I loved it.

As I get older, I begin to appreciate more, the art of handmade, the beauty of home, the process of creation, and the joy in doing. So, instead of spending another idle summer at the park, letting the children play, I've decided to create for me (and if the rest of the family finds happiness in my creations, so be it.)

So, remember the ugly old weeded front yard? Remember seeing my sweaty chest? The hottest day of the year. (I'm a genius. Really.)

Well, that hard work paid off. One blister, one knife cut and one busted cuticle later...


My front yard is done!!!!!! I love it! We love it. It is so purty.


I also found a local restaurant that had thrown this beauty in the trash. I put it on my covered side porch and Voila! A garden cart!

free rack

I finally got the curtains done. (Okay...I got two out of three done. It is kind of like second sock syndrome. You knitters know what i mean. I see the fabric. It is measured out. Ready to iron and sew and BAM! No motivation to finish. The kids may or may not have given up hope. I stopped asking.)

Curtain One

I've also started getting my feet wet dyeing again, despite my haitus.
Birch Blossom

Birch Blossom

And lastly...I've got a hoodie pattern in the works. But shhh...this is top secret. You can't tell anyone....


Unknown said...

Things look great! And, nice job on snagging the 'garden cart'! ;)

Corrie said...

ohhh is that middle hank for sale! I just love the colours! love love love! so bright and fresh!


Tove said...

Hi! I knitted your lovely "Owlie sleep sack" the other day! It is so beautiful and cosy! I left a link to your blog when I wrote about it, thanking you for sharing!

Feel free to check my blog and see the result!

Kind and thankful regards, Tove (Norway).