Tuesday, September 9, 2008

when there is not time to knit...

buy your wool stash from others! this winter i went with a theme. embellish! okay. so it isn't a theme per se, but come on, cute is all this wool? most of it is harpers. i'm so very sad that she has stopped sewing. i NEED more of her wool.
So...starting in the top left hand corner:
Red Striped: Batik Bum Recycled
Purple: Harpers 2T (this is for next year.)
Aqua: Rainbow Waters (1st birtday outfit. Has cute swing top to match! Swoon!!!)
White, Brown and Green on the bottom row: Harper
This adorable pink Harper set is on the way to me...I can NOT wait to get it. These are from Woolybottoms. I sent them along to Lindsey of Rainbow Waters to embellish for me. I gave her complete artistic license. I can't wait to see what she comes up with!
And how could i forget? I have two skeins of Adara from Three Irish Girls just waiting to be knit up. Someday...or I'll have to send it out to get knit.

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