Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tutorial : Sewn Hemmed Edge for Knitwear {Top Down}

This is a hemmed edge tutorial for when the garment is knit top down and you need to hem the bound off edge.

I use a contrasting color yarn, but you should use the yarn that is attached to your garment, in the same color. I suggest leaving a tail approx. 3 times the circumference of your garment hem. So, if the bottom of your hat is 21" around, I would leave a 63" tail.

At this point, you should have bound off the edge you want to hem. Note that some people prefer to wash, block and pin their edge before hemming. I have found it totally unnecessary and it doesn't effect the finish garment look. If you feel more comfortable doing this, by all means. If you trust yourself to know which row you are working on without it, then don't bother.
Step 1
Let's skip straight to Step 2, since all step one involved was finding your bound off edge. Turn your work inside out. Fold over the appropriate amount as directed by your pattern. You can use an iron and steam it down so that you are sure it is even. Or you can eye ball. Easy enough, to be honest. I eye balled it for my garment and it was perfect.
Step 2
Step 3: You will use the long tail you left after binding off. Go up through the first "u" shaped purl bump. It should be directly above the first bound off stitch.
Step 3
Step 4:Go back down through the next "u" shaped bump and down through the next bound of stitch. Just like in weaving in, but you are attaching to the bound off edge.
Step 4

Step 5: Headed back up through the bound off and up through a "U" shaped bump.
Step 5

Step 6: Same as Step 4 :)
Step 6

Continue this way around or across the row. When you get to the end, the inside should look like this:
Last Picture
Continue weaving in your ends! The right side of your garment will look like it does on my Ellowyn design.Final Ellowyn

Anything unclear? Please feel free to ask in the comments or shoot me an email.


Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

I love this! Thank you! Now I need to hunt for this sweater pattern!

(BabywearKnittery on ravelry)

Evelyne said...

What a beautiful hooded garment - love the colour! Thanks so much for that tutorial.

teresa cole said...

The Ellowyn pattern is still in testing. I am hoping for a late September or Early October release.

I will update my blog when it is available!

kpk129 said...

This tutorial is great! I had read it awhile back and just recently started working on fingerless mitts that require a hem but don't provide any directions. Your tutorial is so clear and so simple. Thank you!