Monday, January 17, 2011

Licensed Jungle Gym Knitters

This is a list of knitters who are licensed to sell from the Comfort Wool Jungle Gym Overalls pattern. If you plan to have a pair of these knit, please, only choose from the below listed knitters. Thank you for your respect in this matter.

Squeezy Baby Boutique

Alison Smith
Pixie Knits

Laura Savastinuk
Rhino Knits

Amanda Fowler
A Beautiful Skye

Christina Allary
Bubbles and Babbles
(opening on Hyena cart March 2011)
"Mrsallary" on DS

Christine Knudsen
Knoodle Knits

OrangePiggy's LittleDog

Marilyn Porter
EviePants Wool

Andrea Isabell
Dwell Wool Knits

Angela Shira
Fairyblue Knits & Dyes too

Erin Werle
Boreal Baby Knits

Katie Vaino
Strawberry Bottom Baby Knits

Amber Andrews
Blueberry Baby Knitwear

Julia Stangeland
Shy Violet

Ashley Darling

Laura Smith
Teene Comforts

Valerie Hough
Sunshine Wool Works

Mollie Bilderback
Amelia and Macies Boutique

Molly's Bottoms

Jessica Vinson
Whimsical Knits

Suzanne Hayes
Lush Tush

Ashley Barrett
Monkey Bunns

1 comment:

Victoria said...

I would love to get a license to knit your overalls - I purchased the personal pattern and would love to get the seller's :)