Sunday, April 4, 2010

an Easter miracle

You don't have to celebrate this holiday to appreciate the miracle I'm talking about.
This is the kind of miracle only a knitter with a sense of humor can appreciate. Last night, I wove in 31 ends. I still had 5 to wrestle this morning and I hadn't even knit the second leg of the pants yet. Today, I looked at the amount of yarn I had left to work with for the second leg, and this is what I had staring back at me.
Yep. Just that. Those two small colorway balls are about the size of a golfball, give or take. And at this time, I started counting rows. How many rows would I have to make with the amount of colorway that I had? (The solids were good to go.)

The answer was simple. Seventeen. Seventeen rows!!! Thirty-eight stitches per row. Right. You feeling me here? And experienced knitters know this was a leap of faith. It was touch and go at times. What is a girl to do but beg her friends for whatever colorway they had available in scraps. A dear dear friend...whom I won't call out...Devorah....reminded me that I could contact the dyer and maybe beg her to dye me a little. Luckily, I have myself on speed dial and already knew my answer to my own question. I wasn't able to help myself as I didn't have any Cestari. Great. What a big help I am to myself. No one had any when I asked, and I needed to keep going.

So, I just kept knitting. And I do this often when I start to realize "Hey, this might not work." My rule of thumb is simple. Are you listening here?

"It is all in your head."

Confused? It's simple really.

The Logic:
If you don't look at it, you won't notice you are running out. Therefore, if your mind doesn't know you are running out, you will NOT run out. It's worked more times then I care to count. With a mere three or four inches to spare. But worked all the same.

(Please do not ask about the number of times it did not in fact work. I really can't actually count that high.)

Anyhow...the result of this holiday miracle is pictured below...before I completed the second leg. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it all done. After all, I'm tired. It's been a long day and night time pics are the worse then the early dawn the one pictured below.Align Center

Update: Just need a drawstring. Which is a battle, since I don't have enough of any one color to knit an i-Cord. be continued

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Kristi said...

lol! Glad you made it! Think of the extra calories we knitters burn stressing out about things like that!