Monday, February 8, 2010

OWLIES ~preview~

this is a one time knit for others type of thing. i bought this yarn because it is named "caden" not for my son, but alas, they share the name. I always had big plans of knitting him some longies from it, but alas, he potty learned over two years ago. I tried to sell the yarn to fund new things for our third child, expected any minute now, but I don't think people could appreciate it until they saw it knit up.

So, I knit it up. This is what came from it. It decided as I went along what to do next. Originally, it was just going to be a sweater and longies. But I didn't have enough to do them separate, so once I realized that, I just knit the longies on to the sweater.

I'm contemplating keeping it for the baby in baking, but I don't know the gender and I'm trying to keep things gender neutral anyhow. I could wait, he or she will be here any day now. Yet, I have this overwhelming desire to sell it and buy diapers instead...LOL!

You can find it HERE this Thursday at noon, unless of course, I change my mind again.

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Amanda said...

OMGish this is lovely!