Saturday, January 30, 2010

its almost time for babymoon....

seeing as this is my third, i'm not sure i'll actually be taking much time off. i think i was more productive then ever after my second was born. it kept me sane between all the other things....diapers, crying, nursing.

but, a sampling of what has kept me busy the past few weeks is below:

First, a coming home outfit for the new baby knit in Yarnoodles Namibia colorway on single ply merino. The heartfeet shirt is from Lori of AlfabetteZoope.

Both amazing ladies.


And since we don't actually know what the baby is, I also bought a red heartfeet from Lori


Next is a little hat to match the Owlie Sleep Sack I designed.

And a matching soaker, since I had more of the yarn left. We'll call this a WIP since it needs a drawstring and a blocking.

Also,a newborn creeper knit out of WSK Choco Rainbow on single ply merino. Kim is also one of my most favorite WAHM's. The buttons are from my LYS and a little big for me. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if there were less of them. I don't know. But, the length of time the baby can wears this trumps the effort it would take to frog back and fix that, in my mind anyhow.


romper 2

My last knit was something for mama. I had been knitting for the new baby and decided I needed to spoil myself a little. The Beechwood Cowl in my own handspun.

Beechwood cowl

Don't mind the serious face. I'm thinking about the fact that I have to birth in a few short weeks...or really....a week...any day now....gah!

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Kristi said...

Love it! I can't wait to see your little bean in your creeper!