Tuesday, May 5, 2009

still raining....

yes, day three of non-stop rain. I'm sure the Pacific North Westerners can sympathize...or think i'm a total wimp for not being able to deal. Since moving from Seattle, I can't stand the smallest bit of rain.

I snuck out amidst the short lapse in rainfall yesterday to snap a couple of photos of the shorties I finished for Elliot (that I wouldn't let her wear until I got a final photo of...)

Also, the two bobbins of Lisa's handspun, pre-plying. The twist is being set as we speak. Only four ounces to go


And I realize this is totally maniacal and narcissistic of me...but I was sitting on my bed with Sky, admiring how far I've come in my knitting...and I started talking about how I just think they are the most perfect pair I've ever knit, and how I love them....of course, what he hears is "blah blah blah yarn blah blah blah knitting...."

And he responds "well then, tell the customer you're keeping them."

They aren't for a customer. Why don't men listen?



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