Thursday, March 12, 2009

Note about Cestari/Nysa Fine Merino

It has come to my attention that my orders from Cestari have been coming to me wrong. In the past, I have always specified 4 ounce skeins. In subsequent orders lately, my emails have said "the usual" or something to this caliber.

I only found out because this last shipment came to me with the bags marked "3.5 oz skeins" which led to emailing with Cestari to get it all worked out.

The issue was, that because I was not specifying 4 ounces on those repeat orders, they were not sending 4 oz skeins. The price for me (what I pay them) has never changed, leading to more questions and confusion. Because the price has been the same for me whether I was getting 3.5 oz skeins or 4 oz skeins, the price I charge does not change. But I do understand that people might not be happy with 3.5 oz skeins.

**The RFR PreOrder** yarns on Cestari were almost all weighed for accuracy before being shipped. They should be marked correctly. Because there were weighing in at 4 oz I'm thinking that this order currently in my hands are the only smaller skeins.
But I can no be sure that this mix up has not occured in the past as well.

If you find that your yarn weighs less then the tag from me says and this upsets you, please contact me.

Thank you for understanding that us WAHM's are only human and mistakes happen.


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