Friday, February 13, 2009

so much for knitting for my kid

Of course I jinx my self making jokes about not bothering to gauge. Of course, it came back to bite me in the tail. Of course it did. My 19" waist is a big ole 24" waist.

So, instead of frogging back these lovelies, I offered them on my cart, telling myself I would give it 24 hours then pull them down and frog them.

They didn't last 5 minutes.

Shame shame on me. But I'm so glad to get to throw these together for Valerie.

I'm glad they will get to grace the bottom of her little this summer! They didn't deserve the brutal froggy death. They just didn't.

And Valerie got to jump on a very very closed custom list. (I hope my other mama's understand. These are only two legs away from being done so it doesn't change the time line on my list at all)

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