Thursday, February 19, 2009

Going to be a busy weekend.

I think I have just about satiated everyone's taste for RFR now.

In the works is RFR on Marr Haven, Cestari and Nova for this week.

I'm also doing a bit more Birch Blossom and then this colorway will probably take a small hiatus.

I need to flex my creative side a bit.

I'm going to finish my current knit custom, stock all the colorways and yarn I can this week then start in on my custom yarn list.

On the needles is a the pair of custom shorties for Kandace's sweet boy, Jeremiah.

It is my goal to have my new spinning wheel in hand within a month. I've decided to go with the Ashford Kiwi unless something changes between now and when I raise the $$ to get it. Keep checking back for updates on my progress!

1 comment:

Kandee said...

I just died! Gosh, I thought the yarn was gorgeous already but seeing it knit!!!! I love you! And not for just your hot knitting skills.