Friday, October 17, 2008

the official end of my customs list

Well this week has been one of closure. I've completed the last two items on my custom list and am taking a small break to knit for my family and friends. I am entering an art show/party at a friend's home in a month so I need to knit for that for a bit. Then i will begin offering custom spots to my wait list.

Here are the two customs I completed this week. The first one is for Christine of Arabesque Baby. She was a guest vendor on the congo last stocking! Her work is amazing! These longies were a YYMN trade spot. I got two lovely diapers out of the deal and I have been dying to try her diapers.

These are knit on a single ply colorway from Purewool. I did a special new cuff, short rows in the bum and a braided i-cord with tassell. I'm in love with these and hesitant to send them back to her.

These are for a nice mama who won an auction FOREVER ago. She wasn't in a hurry because her baby boy wasn't due until September. He is here now and its time to get these size small longies on his sweet tooshka. These are knit on peruvian from Candy Pants yarn in a black rainbow colorway. They have the same new cuff design as above, cabled legs and knot twists in the i-cord. A cute touch if I do say so myself. And I do! These were going to ship this past Monday but I got an idea to add something "extra" for this special mama. She doesn't know yet so I won't spoil the suprise...sorry! But I hope she doesn't mind the delay in shipping!

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