Sunday, July 20, 2008

whats up?

so slated for this week we have:

Sunday/Monday: Since black dye arrived FINALLY from KnitPicks (may I take a minute to bemoan their utter lack of timeliness and customer service...) after a long delayed wait, I will be working on the black and trim for an ever so patient Stephanie of VinhThi Designs. I am also working diligently on the 10 ounces of Fish in Bags for the friday stocking on iCrave.

Tuesday: Knitting my little heart out to finish the soaker I promised for the collab also this friday. On tuesday, a custom spot goes up.

Wednesday: Frantically knitting for my son. A pair of shorts in case you were wondering.

Thursday: Who knows...finishing knitting for the collab? Knitting for my own child?

Friday: Absolutly Nothing!

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