Sunday, February 10, 2008

capris for elliot

I meant to post this forever ago. While i could just add it to the side customs list, i wanted to put it here because i just love this yarn and love these shorties. The yarn was dyed by Lacy at JellyBean on Hyena Cart. This is dyed on 3 ply Purewool Merino with matching brown vareigated trim. They are a size medium for my daughter who is just over 3 months now. I made the inseam a wee bit longer so she could grow into them so they sit at almost ankle length now, but should be a nice capri length by spring.

The waistband is a special project of mine. I made a button hole and knit it straight to avoid the stretching that takes places when you pull these over cloth diapers. These were still in need of a button at the time these pictures were taken.

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Kim said...

those little pants are adorable!