Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the summer that never sleeps

we are keeping VERY busy in this house this summer.

I've been learning/teaching myself to sew and made some cute little pillows using the tutorial on Design*Sponge

My First Sewing Project

Then I made a little garland from paint chips that I found on pinterest. Directions can be found on a blog called "Grace and Light Studio"


Then I made some art blocks for my dining room out of scrapbook paper and shelving wood. Directions on "Becoming Martha"

hung up

Lasty, we've been redoing the front yard. It has lived the past five years as a pain in our arse and the bane of my existence. I hate grass. HATE IT. Strong words, I know, but you can't even begin to understand how much I hated coming home and being greeted by this yard. This summer, I decided this would be our outside project. (You may remember that last year we built raised bed gardens in our back yard. They make it look so much nicer.)

Here is said bane...


Step one was too pull all that nasty up. We did it with two garden claws and alot of water. Did I mention the high today was 103???

step 2...

I was literally dripping sweat. This was a better work out then the running I've been doing lately.
literally dripping.

Just as we finished this part, a neighbor comes over and says he has a tiller we can borrow. Nice. Perfect "Alanis Morissett timing" Really. But we need to go over it again, because, as you can see, it wasn't the most effective way to pull up weeds.

needs a second over

And here is about half of what we bought to plant. We still need to get ground cover once we get the big plants in.
some of the flowers

More pictures to come as the yarn progresses from ratty weed grass to flowering garden. Stay tuned. ♥

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