Thursday, June 23, 2011

a hoorah to summer!

today is the first day of MY summer. ***sigh*** of sweet sweet relief. as another school year came to a close, i thought about all the good (and all the stressful) and decided, it ended on just the perfect note. i wasn't terribly stressed by the year and thankfully, i'm not pregnant again. this is a good thing.

with the start of summer, comes the possibility for crafting and more time doing what I love.

I have one exciting thing to announce right now, but am planning SOOOOOOOOOO many more before fall.

You can now find some of my patterns on the Knit-Purl website! Specifically, you can find Springtime in Hollis, Andalusia, Comfort Mountain Mittens, and (soon) Langston. Why is this great news? Because now you can order you pattern and yarn together and have it shipped straight to your house without having to waste printer ink or gas! In this crap economy, this is a win-win situation!

So, go...enjoy summer but check back for more exciting news!

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