Monday, January 17, 2011 has been so long

i really haven't been posting much lately. why is that you think? three kids? working full time? holidays? birthdays?


But, I'm sure you may or may not be able to sympathize. I assure you, though, I haven't been sitting idle in this time. I've been very very busy.

So, below will be a snap shot into what I've been busy doing...with Comfort Wool at least.

Hats for the kids:
Hat and Mitten set for an auction winner at my kids' school.

YYMN sleep sack for a customer
sweater for my daughter. I HEAVILY modified the Daffodil pattern from Rav.
A Hootie Who romper for a YYMN. Newborn size.

Custom Yarns...
A little experimental dyeing..."the road less traveled."
A custom dye and knit...My colorway "Birch Blossom" and my romper design.

Another Hootie Who romper YYMN. Size 3mo.
A Jungle Gym overalls for a newborn. YYMN. (This pattern was just released. More info coming in separate blog post.)

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Meg said...

Beautiful stuff!