Tuesday, August 10, 2010

summer is winding down....dyeing updates

summer is winding down and i'm sad to think of leaving my sweet babies to go back to work. but then, i remember how well taken care of they are at their school. I also remember how much my students need me and how much I adore them, and I get excited at the prospect of being part of their lives and teaching them.

ahhh...and i remember, that with the school year comes cooler days. a wonderful reminder when the temperature is suppose to be triple digits tomorrow.

but that isn't why i started this blog post at all.

I wanted to update my people waiting on their pre-orders. I'm wading through a 350 Mosaic Moon coop at the moment, trying to get those packaged and out of my living space. I love yarn, but WHOA. is where we are:

Run Fox Run

Cestari orders: Should ship this Friday.
I beg of you to not be too mad if I fall behind this update since I'm technically ahead of schedule. ♥

Mt Meadow: Ordered

Nova: Ordered

Simplicity Sweater Club

All bases ordered.

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