Tuesday, June 22, 2010

is that....YARN?

I've been on a hiatus from dyeing this school year. Something about being in the midst of the school year makes my dyeing mojo nill. I'm normally too exhausted to do anything that requires standing when I get home from work.

But, as the school year draws to a close, my dye pot has been itching to get used.

Look for these and more on June 28th at Comfort Wool.

The other day I posted some semi-solids I had dyed. Here is the colorway it was meant to match. I imagine this cuddling the perfect newborn baby. A coming home set. This is dyed on a single ply merino, soft and luxurious. Perfect for baby or mama.

This is a five skein set, two colorway, two avocado greens and one mint green. The colorways are hand painted using a method specifically intended to eliminate pooling.

This colorway, lovingly names "Jackson" is dyed in many shaded of blue and green with a deep brown and gold. Perfect for those dog days of summer and dirty, grass stained knees.

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