Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beginnings and Endings

Ahhh, that title could mean something so much deeper then it does. I swear I'm not waxing poetic folks.

It is quiet literal.

The end of this is near. I'm waiting on my buttons to arrive and they are off to their new owner, who so kindly let me "play" with designing overalls. I am very happy with the final product, but there will be some minor tweaking.


My kids have been sick the last two days. Stomach bug. So, the newbie and I have been staying FAR away from all the stuff coming out of my children, and by children. Very very far away. At least one wall between us.

Last night, as I watched a movie with my son (I know, I said far away. We were on opposite sides of the couch.), I got the spin bug once again. I wanted to try to spin some singles. If, by chance, they suck, I'll call it "art yarn" and pretend it was intentional. Or ply it to try to hide some of it.


And today, I started a Springtime in Hollis for Cheryl in Lauren's colorway...Breezy.

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