Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a couple more knitting projects

Knitting for this new bean has been so much fun. I never knit for Caden before he was born. All I could knit was a scarf. In fact, I didn't start finding time to knit again until I was pregnant with Elliot (14 months later.) With Elliot, I knit AFTER she was born. I still wasn't knitting much from having a first child and think I only prepared one or two things before she was born.

This baby is spoiled already! Although, I didn't start knitting for him/her until Christmas break, but I haven't stopped.

I finished a Fae Folklore Hat to go with the romper I knit. The first picture is more true to color.

Fae Folk Hat

romper and hat

And this sweet sweater knit from Mosaic Moon Winter Pear on single ply. Oh my! I have some custom Pear buttons being made by Tessa Ann on etsy. Her polymer buttons are perfection!

winter pear sweater

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