Saturday, November 28, 2009

To Frog or To Finish....

That is the question, dear readers.

As I looked around my home the other night, I realized I'm surrounded by UFO's. For my non-knitting buddies, this means "UnFinished Objects"

Yes, all these abandoned knitting babies just lying around asking to be moth food.

I made a decision. I made a pact with myself (and a couple of amazing wooly friends.) By the end of the week (or the year) I will split all these projects into two piles: frog or finish.

And I have. They are all sitting so pathetically on my coffee table. Well, most of them. Some need to be rescued from "hiding" or various "time-outs" around the house. In fact, I'm not even sure where the sock cuff I started could be, truth be told.

But there is hope. This evening, I finished the first on my "finish list." It began February 1, 2009. The project?

A February Lady Sweater (don't lie, you love the irony.)

I finished the yoke. And it sat....for nearly 5 months.

Over the summer (July to be exact) I decided to get it done. I finished the body. And it sat....

Until yesterday. When I decided to finish two little sleeves. How hard could it be? How bad, I wondered?

Well, not bad at all apparently. It took me no time at all and now I hate myself a little for letting it sit.

So, I'll get better pics tomorrow, but here is a preview.


So, fellow knitters. Let this be an inspiration to you. Start 2010 with a BANG!

Decide frog or to finish...then make it happen.

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