Thursday, May 21, 2009

As some of you know....

my daughter was in the hospital recently fighting MRSA. We are home now, thank goodness, but I'm behind.

Of course, this comes to no surprise to those of you that know me and know....well, i'm always behind.

But here is what I've completed this week. And there is much much more that is almost done, but not quite.

Sister Bear on Marr Haven. This is being stocked tomorrow at Baby Bean Designs


Mosaic Moon Winter Pear on Cestari for my own daughter!

Pop Rocks I'm not really sure what I will do with it....yet.



Comfort Wool Stickball dyed by my wonderful partner, Lauren.

Lisa's Handspun, Pink Lily

Pink Lily Handspun

Pink Lily Handspun

Pink Lily Handspun

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