Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday I'm in Love.....

Woolie woolie update!!!!

I finished spinning the Selah Snowman at Night on Faukland Wool. Its about 5 ounces. No yardage or weight information available at this time.

This may or may not go up on the congo on the 27th.

Selah Handspun

RDR PreOrder Update:

Kristine: Yours is dyeing and drying as of tonight, March 17th!

Kim, Lauren, Susannah, Racheal: All of yours is half done. Brown is slated to be dyed on March 18th!!!

Nikie's RFR that needs to be reskeined. This ended up not matching exactly, and she was happy to take the seconds off of my hands

Run Fox Run for Nickie

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