Saturday, November 29, 2008

so made up for lost time

last night i stayed up and knit my little fingers off. finished one leg. i just got rolling on it.
funny, before i frogged, i hated the way it was pooling, so i had to knit with two skeins, which is always discouraging when things start to get tangled. then i put it off to knit for the stocking. so yesterday was the day i picked them back up only to realize things were a mess, wrong number of stitches, etc. so froggin' actually renewed my love for these longies and i just could NOT bring myself to put them down last night.

what I love about Christine is she is so easy peasy and I get to be a bit creative. So, I added something new to her longies that I think will be really cute. If not, I'll frog again!

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