Tuesday, July 8, 2008


so i've falled a bit behind in the dyeing custom department.

here is my week in a glance (this is only a tentative schedule):

Monday: Completed shorties for friday, completed dyeing main skein for Susan

Tuesday: Worked outside the home. Finished drawstring for last pair of shorties for Huggymomma, complete drawstring for friday shorties, dyeing stephanie's main skein (minus black), dyeing trim skein for Susan, starting colorway for Chrissy

Wednesday: Working outside the home. Finishing Chrissy's colorway, starting Kim's colorway. Reskeining Susan's colorway, Starting NB longies for auction.

Thursday: Finishing auction longies, starting Chrissy's longies, starting Jessica's colorway, finishing Kim's colorway.

Friday: Chrissy's longies, jessica's colorway, reskein Kims, work outside the home.

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