Friday, March 28, 2008

run fox run!

i almost named this one Shag Rug. It reminds me of this carpet in my grandmothers house straight from the 1970's. But I love it. I thought Run Fox Run was a tad bit more child friendly, if you will!

Hyena Cart description:
Run Fox Run!!! Through the forest you see zipping past streaks of orange, shades of brown! Run Fox Run!!!This fun yarn is perfect for your little one! In only two colors, brown and orange, but three shades of each. Dyed to match that dashing fox they might meet as they romp through the forest on a beautiful afternoon (in real life or just their imagination...)Dyed with professional lightfast and colorfast dyes on Blackberry Ridge 2ply Merino, this yarn is soft and plush, perfect for any project.

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